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Are you looking for a professional garage door service near you? We’re a reliable company with many years worth of experience in the industry. We have helped many homeowners and business owners fix their garage door issues without putting their health or property at risk. Moreover, we fix all types of garage doors, be it sectional, roller, etc.

 Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation Spring TX

A garage door opener is the motor responsible for opening and closing your garage door. The door is controlled through a switch mounted on the wall or through a remote control. Garage door openers are available in different types. The most common types are belt, chain and screw drives.


All the three different types come with their pros and cons. The chain type utilizes a chain to push or pull the door while a belt drive opener uses a belt instead of the chain. On the other hand, the screw drive uses a threaded steel rod to ensure your garage door operates as expected.

The belt drive is the quietest of all garage doors. The chain drive is noisier as it is movable, but but can last longer than a belt. Screw drive garage door openers produce medium noise, but wear out a door’s trolley more quickly. That means more maintenance is required for a screw drive type of garage door.

It’s important to select the right opener that’s compatible with your garage door. After that, you need to get your garage door installed properly so it can give you the best service for the longest time. This is where the services of a professional garage door opener repair and installation service come in handy.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation Service

Whenever a garage door opener fails, repair should be done immediately as it’s responsible for opening and closing the door. Therefore, its failure could mean you will not be able to access you garage. When your garage door opener fails, a garage door opener repair company can help you repair it.

If the damage to the garage door opener is irreparable, professionals can install a new opener so it can work again.  A good garage door repair & installation service provider also offers maintenance services to its customers.

Opener maintenance is important because it ensures your garage door’s opener works well and serves you for a long time. Garage door opener repair companies work with different parts brands to help fix all types of garage doors and related problems.

They’re also knowledgeable, experienced and certified to offer garage door opener repair and installation services to local consumers.